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Gym Equipment

For this week’s Team Sporteluxe Edit, we’re sharing our top pieces of gym equipment that will help you tone up and build muscle, even if you’re in front of the couch. Yes, that’s right, these pieces can all be used from the comfort of your own home, at a park or even the beach, so even if you’re not a gym junkie you can still sweat it out.

Bianca Cheah

Bianca’s pic

Shop → Lululemon The Reversible Mat  $59

lululemon mat“The days of sliding off my mat during downward dog are gone, thanks to this baby. It’s made from moisture-absorbing rubber, and it’s lightweight and reversible, making it a must-have for my yoga practice.

Emily black and white

Emily’s pick

Shop → Nike Weighted Skipping Rope $34.99skipping rope

“Skipping is one of my favourite ways to stay fit as it tones muscle, builds endurance, improves agility and can even burn more calories than running. I like this particular rope as it’s weighted so I can increase the intensity of my workouts and the contoured handles provide a comfortable grip that won’t slip.”

Rachel Sharp

Rachel’s pick

Shop → Reebok 5kg Kettle bell $49.99Kettle bell

“Given I’ve got a young family, workouts often need to happen at home for me, which is why this solid-iron kettle bell is perfect for a quick blitz when I have a few minutes free. Kettlebells are fantastic for sculpting, strengthening and even getting your heart rate up, and this one’s easy grip handle and durable coating makes it easy to use. It also comes with a 20-minute download workout so I can get the most out of it (when the house is quiet!).”

Melanie Davis

Melanie’s pick

Shop → Commando Steve Heavy Resistance Band $44.99

gym band“These resistance bands are great for stretching, increasing flexibility as well as building strength and tone. They’re also the ideal size for travelling, so there’s no excuse not to fit in a quick session.”

Emily Sharp

Emilie’s pick:

Shop → Kayla Itsines Foam Roller $37.79Gym roller, Kayla itsines

“Tired and sore muscles are no fun, but anything hot pink certain is! That’s why I love this great foam roller, which helps to relieve knots and muscle tension. I use it for a few minutes every day, paying particular attention to areas that I feel need it most.”