adidas Energy Boost: our latest obsession!

We love technical innovations that help improve our running performance here at Sporteluxe HQ. We also have a serious weakness for stylish shoes! So we were pretty excited to hear that adidas has just unveiled a new-and-improved version of their iconic Energy Boost shoe. Here are three reasons why the adidas Energy Boost ($180) is our current must-have shoe in the Sporteluxe office and why you need a pair in your life right now!

1) The cushioning factor

It’s all about the BOOST foam baby! The trademark BOOST foam in the new Energy Boost runs from the heel to the toe. Without going too much into the technical side of things it’s basically made of thousands of tiny capsules that cleverly cushion your foot and store and return energy. This means you run more effectively. The BOOST foam has also been designed to be super durable too so your shoes will still feel great after a few seasons.

2) The cooling factor

Don’t you just hate it when your feet overheat during a long run? Us too. Which is why we’re digging the ventilation provided by the stretchy mesh upper of the Energy Boost. It hugs your foot but also keeps it cool at the same time. Energy Boost has also been designed to adapt to any surface and perform in any weather condition. Yep, they’ve really thought of everything!

3) The style factor

Call us shallow but we reckon a girl can never have enough bright statement kicks. And for a pair of trainers that are so packed full of tech Energy Boost are also pretty damn stylish! Because, hey, there’s no reason you can’t smash a run and look great while doing it, right?

adidas Energy Boost ($180) is available at

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