After sun skincare to soothe lobster skin!

It’s that time of year where the weather is really hotting up. Which means sun protection is super important. However, even with the best of intentions we can sometimes get a little sunburnt. So we’ve put together some of our favourite after sun products to help ease the pain if you’re unlucky enough to feel the sun’s wrath.

After suncare ultraceuticals


Shop → SunActive Face & Body Recovery Cream, $49

Infused with Tasmanian berry extracts and vitamin E, this fast-acting, non-greasy formula by Ultraceuticals will help your face and body recover when the sun strikes.

After suncare dermalogica


Shop → After Sun Repair, $46.50

Developed to help repair over-exposed skin, this soothing treatment from Dermalogica helps to cool sunburn and relieve you of the discomfort of sunburn.

After suncare people for plants

People for Plants

Shop → Cucumber and Aloe Hydration Gel, $29.95

This oil-free gel from People for Plants will rapidly rehydrate and leave your skin feeling soft . The cucumber tightens and refreshes your skin while the aloe will boost your antioxidants and amino acids.

After suncare sukin


Shop → Aloe Vera Gel, $9.95

This pure aloe vera Gel by Sukin is great for all skin types to soothe sunburn and bring back its natural moisture.

After suncare jojoba

The Jojoba Company

Shop → After Sun Rescue Pack, $39.95

Containing their Antioxidant Hydrating Mist to hydrate and tone, their natural Australian jojoba and redness-reducing balm, this pack from The Jojoba Company will rescue you from the perils of sunburn.

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