All black everything: how to train hard and look good!

Many men who workout do so for aesthetic purposes. Yet, ironically, when it comes to what they look like when they train, the majority of guys could definitely put more effort in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for comfort when training. You obviously can’t go as hard when you are restricted by what you are wearing. But there are plenty of options out there for guys these days to train hard, and still look good while doing it.

Personally, I think Jay-Z had it right with the whole ” all black everything” approach to style. Particularly when it comes to fitness gear. Black is easy. It doesn’t show up sweat patches, it suits everyone, it’s slimming and above all, it is transitional. You can go straight from a morning gym session in your black short and muscle tee combo into a casual breakfast.

Personally, I tend to keep to the majors when it comes to brands. There is a reason Nike and Adidas sell so well…they are doing good things. Logo placements are getting more and more subtle too. So you can wear head-to-toe in one brand without looking like a walking billboard.

I read a cool quote recently that said “train like you’re sponsored by Nike”. I like that…But I would take it one step further and say “look like you are sponsored by Nike”. Don’t go mixing too many different brands, it looks busy. Keep it clean, keep it simple.

NM 4
Nike Miler Team Mens Singlet
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Nike Free Flyknit
NM 2
Adidas mens running windproof jacket
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adidas strong short
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One of the many ways Nathan McCallum likes to work out!