Friday, February 23, 2018

Aquaphysical: a new way to work out

Floating yoga is the latest fitness craze to take over London. Read on for the inside scoop.

Float Fit, Yoga on water, water yoga

For all the water babies and surfers out there, it’s time to get physical. Aquaphysical, that is. The new workout to slip and slide it’s way onto the water workout scene is a floating yoga class that will give you next level balance and core stability. Don’t believe us? Watch the video here.

What to expect:

This all-inclusive workout incorporates burpees, lunges, squats and mountain climbers amongst many others.. all on water. Using a SUP-like device called an aquabase, this fun full body workout incorporates yoga, Pilates and HIIT to really put your center of gravity to the test. If you’ve ever wanted to walk on water, now is your chance.

Going with the flow of all things fun and sweaty, these boards are more than just a floatation device for your next margarita pool hang, although according to Instagram, people are taking them on vacation, too.

Incorporating isometric exercises like the plank, plyometric exercises like burpees
and stretching, aquaphysical has everything you would expect from it’s terra firma counter part, only with the instability of water. Plus, it’s guaranteed a good round of laughs if you are so lucky as to fall in for a quick cool down. 

The float fit classes are available in the UK and Europe, which you can locate here, or you can purchase your own board to travel around with you on your next aquatic adventure, making sure you keep that beach body in check.


Inflatable Aquabase by Aquaphysical £550.00

Float Fit, yoga on water, water yoga



Instagram: @aquaphysical


SOURCEAquaphysical Facebook
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