Are dragon fruit bowls the next acai bowls?

Dragon fruit, otherwise known as pitaya, is a vibrant fruit produced from cacti with gorgeous flowers that originated from Mexico. You might have seen this pink-skinned fruit at your local organic store or supermarket. They taste mildly sweet, with a similar texture to a watery kiwi fruit, and are very refreshing in a salad or as a snack on their own.

However, the new way to eat dragon fruit is to freeze the flesh and blend it up with coconut water to make a healthy sorbet-like smoothie.  In fact, dragon fruit smoothie bowls are a hot new health trend in the US right now. We’re predicting the dragon fruit bowl craze will be coming to juice bars and organic cafes here soon. So why not stay ahead of the trend and switch up your acai bowl for a vibrant dragon fruit bowl? Or have the best of both by opting for a delicious dragon fruit and acai combo!

Here are some of the nutritional benefits of this exotic fruit:

·        It’s low on the calories with only around 60 calories per 100g

·        It’s a source of vitamin C

·        It contains small amounts of calcium and iron

·        The small black seeds amongst the flesh boost its fibre content and provide a dose of healthy fats including omega-3s