Are #NaeNae dance classes London’s coolest new workout?

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From the streets of Atlanta to stylish London fitness studios, the #NaeNae Dance has transitioned from a somewhat comical social media trend to one of London’s coolest new workouts. So naturally we had to try Nae Nae dance classes out for ourselves!

The Nae Nae is a dance move that was invented by American hip hop crew WeAreToonz around 18 months ago alongside the release of their song ‘Drop That NaeNae’. Since then the move has been imitated and shared across Youtube and Vine by thousands of fans. And made famous by American football stars busting out the moves as a victory dance on the field and artists including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus and Pharrell Williams all incorporating it into their music videos and live shows.

London’s GymBox studios have been one of the first to schedule a #NaeNae inspired fitness class, which promises a fun, hot, and sweaty hour of cardio. Here classes are taught by two stylish ladies, Brooklyn Shanchez and Oulu Atalise, both professional dancers with impressive backgrounds having toured with the likes of Jessie J, Azelia Banks and Lilly Allen. So these girls sure know a thing or two about booty popping and body rolls.

Looking around the room we see that there really is diverse crowd. But it’s clear that everyone is there to enjoy the experience – no looks of despair, frustration or judgement – it’s just one smiling face after another. The music kicks in and it’s a mixture of hip hop and R’n’B including sweet girly anthems like including Destiny’s Child’s Lose My Breath and Missy Elliott’s Lose Control. Now the sweating begins!

#naenae, Nae Nae, Nae Nae dancing, new dance workout     #naenae, Nae Nae, Nae Nae dancing, new dance workout     #naenae, Nae Nae, Nae Nae dancing, new dance workout     #naenae, Nae Nae, Nae Nae dancing, new dance workout

The move itself turns out to be pretty simple. Just stand with your feet apart, sway back and forth, rotate your arms like a propeller and move to the beat. Congratulations we are doing the #NaeNae! One of the best things about the class and the Nae Nae dance itself is that there really is no wrong way to do it. As Brooklyn points out you can really make this dance your own and add your own flavour to it.

Like a most dance classes, the footwork and quick body weight transfers at different angles and directions is what really gets your muscles burning. It works to really tone and strengthen your legs, arm and core. As the workout continues, the speed increases and no one holds back. By the end everyone is a sweaty mess but seriously happy. I actually have to hold myself back from high fiving all my fellow endorphin induced attendees as we exit!

Want to try #NaeNae dance out for yourself? Check out GymBox’s detailed guide to the Nae Nae here



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