Are nuts the key to a longer life?

While it may not be an elixir to eternal youth, munching your way through a handful of nuts everyday could be the key to longevity.

A 30 year study following over 27 thousand people in the US found that those who noshed on nuts everyday were 20 per cent less likely to die from cancer and heart or respiratory disease. Those who ate nuts were also generally slimmer, more likely to exercise, eat more fruit and veg as well as take multi-vitamins. Nice work.


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Ashleigh Perriott
Journo and health nerd, Ashleigh grew up in an active, health conscious family, spending most of her childhood at Little Athletics Events. Passionate about living life to it’s fullest she loves early mornings in the gym and hiking when she can sweet talk a friend into joining her. Ashleigh has a Bachelor of Communications - Journalism from Charles Sturt University and has been published in Handyman Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine and Australian Healthy Food Guide.