Are these gym passes the future of fitness?

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They say you need to keep your body guessing to get the most out of your training but sometimes that can be easier said than done if you go to the same gym or classes day in and day out.

The good news is there’s a hot new ‘membership’ revolution coming your way which means you can satisfy all of your fitness cravings – simply buy a month long membership to one of the new blanket boutique gym networking brands that have cropped up recently, then attend any class in any location that’s covered in the scheme (which can in some cases, could mean thousands of class options).

These three new gym passes are at the top of our list and will allow you to take part in anything everything from boxing to yoga or Pilates, rock climbing or straight boot camp! Ideal if you like to mix up your workout, drop in to classes with friends or just keep things from getting monotonous. We love!

Gym passes we love

OPTION 1: Bodypass

They say you should train your body your way and we wholeheartedly agree. Every studio and class covered by Bodypass has been handpicked by founders, Georgia van Tiel and Carla McMillan, who have personally trialed each class on offer. (They’ve been busy!) That means Bodypass allows you to keep your workouts fresh, functional and entertaining long-term. In fact, Sporteluxe’s own expert contributor, Libby Babet, chose to partner with this company for both her gym Agoga and outdoor exercise business, Bottoms Up! Fitness. This pass also covers classes at F45, Dangerously Fit, Xtend Barre and even 80s aerobics. At present, all are in Sydney, but the scheme will soon be rolled out into Melbourne and other states. Watch this space!

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OPTION 2: Sweat pass

It will be nothing but ready, set, glow with this pass by your side. Sweatpass gives you access to plethora of classes in some of the best boutique gyms all over Sydney. Feel like skipping the classes and powering through on your own sometimes? Not a problem – Sweatpass gets you open gym access at UFC Gym, Hard Candy Fitness, P.E Dept and Crunch gyms. They also have exclusive signature sweat sessions led by world class instructors at Sweatpass HQ, to help elevate your fitness routine to the next level.

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OPTION 3: Anyclass

This makes it easy to mix up your workout by engaging in different routines each week. For just $25 a week, you’ll have a wide array of Sydney-based classes to choose from, including boot camps, cycling, dance, yoga, Pilates, strength training and more. This pass is designed for you to try different classes on for size and discover a new studio each day.

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Each of these memberships will cost you no more than $100 a month and with no lock-in fees, this new hot ‘class pass’ trend is definitely something worth checking out.

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