Are tree tents the ultimate in glamping

Tree tents, floating tree tents

Camping is one of those ideas that sound amazing when you’re formulating the plan in the comfort of your own home. It’s all too easy to forget the discomfort of being swarmed by ants, having rocks dig into your back while sleeping not to mention dealing with copious amounts of dirt and sand.

However, we believe those kinds of practical concerns shouldn’t stop you from getting out there this summer and enjoying all the incredible natural wonders Australia has to offer. So we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up tents that are so stylish they don’t even sit on the ground. Cue the tree tent, the glamping accessory for those of us who want to camp like queens.



Shop → Single Cacoon, $450

Whether you want to use it as a tent, hammock, swing this cacoon has got you covered. It will have you feeling snug as a bug in a rug, without the rest of the bugs filing into your sleeping quarters!  Also available in a double cacoon so you and your chosen human can snuggle up all night long!



Shop → Bliss Sky Tent 2, $139.95

This Sky Tent is super light and brings hammock camping to a whole new level of comfort and convenience. It can hold two hammocks so you can hang with a friend and is also big enough to accommodate all your camping gear.

Floating tent, floating cacoon


Shop → Connect Tree Tent, $479

Dubbed “the ultimate two person portable treehouse tent”  this fabulous tree tent allows you to you connect to your surroundings in fabulous style. With the ability to connect to other Tensile Connect tents to create suspended super-camps, it’s the most social tent we’ve ever seen!

Bonsai, tree hammock, floating tent


Shop → Cacoon, $286

This cacoon is available in a multitude of colours, is perfect for kids and can be hung from a swing frame or from a tree.

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