Are you approaching weight loss the right way?

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It’s often tricky to find the best diet or exercise regime that works for you, with everyone reacting differently to an assortment of training styles and eating plans. In a survey conducted by the Weightloss and Health Institute, 55% of people said they had tried, or are still using exercise to reach their goals but have not been successful. In addition to this, 53% of respondents indicated they eat more after exercise while 2 in 5 Australians surveyed admitted to rewarding themselves with sugary snacks post strenuous exercise. So what does this all mean?

If you’re not seeing your desired results from the exercise and eating rationale you’re undertaking now, you could consider a more holistic approach to weightloss. Instead of worrying about what you eat, when you eat it and how much of a sweat you’re working up during your daily sweat sesh, perhaps integrating healthier choices into your lifestyle are the way to go. Think regular, healthy meals, swapping driving to the station for walking and educating yourself about what’s right for your body.

weightless advice, trim for life, nutrition adviceWe think we’ve found the perfect app to help you on your journey to shedding those unwanted kilos. Enter Trim for Life, the new lifestyle application developed by Geoff Jowett, Trim for Life co-founder and Australia’s leading weight loss coach. With an abundance of experts on board from all walks of life, this app is a personalised weight loss solution to guide you through a real food diet and blend your weight loss woes into your lifestyle. This new technology combines healthy recipes, personalised support, expert advice and motivation all in one app for your smartphone so it’s with you wherever you go!

Geoff has brought a number of experts on board with knowledge in physiology, hormones, nutrition, health, consciousness, motivation and mindfulness to produce a holistic approach to losing weight. Motivation is key so this team will definitely help you on your journey! “At Trim for Life, we believe that the only way to shed those unwanted kilos and keep weight off is through the principles of healthy living: a real food diet, motivation and support, and a no strenuous exercise approach,” says Geoff.

The app will intelligently track your progress and provide all the support you need to successfully achieve your weight loss goal through motivational videos and articles as well as daily recipes to follow.

The Trim for Life app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play now. If you want to learn more about how the app works and how best to incorporate it into your daily life, as well as more about the impressive team of experts, visit the Trim for Life website for their little tips and tricks to kick start your journey

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