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Amazonia, Amazonia Slim & Tone, weight loss plan

We all know too well that when things get busy, the weather turns cold or injury strikes, eating well and exercising fall way down our priority lists. It’s only human to need an extra nudge from time to time, but if you’re tired of trying endless fad diets, struggle with digestive discomfort or just fancy some extra expert advice, the new Amazonia Slim & Tone plan could help.

A team of Amazonia nutrition and health experts has designed a six-week program as a tool for positive lifestyle changes to give real and lasting results, and based around adopting a wholefood lifestyle that won’t leave you feeling deprived.

Better still, you don’t need to suffer strenuous exercise or go hungry to get amazing outcomes. By using a holistic approach to weight-loss and Amazonia products, it will help you address the real causes of weight problems, ditch digestive discomfort and probably lose weight in the process. Wholefood meal guidelines offer an easy formula for meals that won’t get boring, too.

The weight-loss plan works through a simple five-step approach:

  1. Filling: Slim & Tone protein powder is built on a strong protein base, which provides essential amino acids in a form easily absorbed by the body. Protein is essential in providing fullness and a slow release of energy, it also balances blood sugar levels, prevents hunger and aids the development of lean muscle mass.
  2. Nourishing: This plan focuses on nourishing the body, through eating high quality whole food meals at lunch and dinner, along with slim and tone shakes at breakfast.
  3. Removing: Your gut is said to dictate your health; if it’s out of balance it can cause cravings, excess weight gain and a lack of energy. This plan targets the root of the cause in the digestive tract; as well as removing bad digestive bacteria, it focuses on removing gluten, dairy and sugar, which are inflammatory, clogging, acidic and energy-sapping.
  4. Rebalancing: It also incorporates pre-probiotics to replenish the digestive system and aid digestion, increase energy and lessen bloating.
  5. Lifestyle support: You’re encouraged to look after yourself by moving your body each day, while getting adequate rest and practicing stress-release techniques. The key is to make exercise enjoyable and to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle.

It’s important to remember that you’ll only reach your goals with the right mindset. Amazonia encourages you to think of these six weeks as a gift to yourself, then emerge slimmer and more vibrant than before.

Why not get a friend involved? It’s great to have someone to keep you accountable, train with and test your new recipes on!

Amazonia, Amazonia Slim & Tone, weight loss plan  Amazonia, Amazonia Slim & Tone, weight loss plan


For more information, visit where you can download their free Slim & Tone Plan eBook.


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