Are you running and not losing weight?

Do you run laps around a park or run kms on the treadmill at the same pace in hope to burn those extra kilos that you put on over winter? Well stop right now, as it’s most probably doing nothing for you except conditioning your fitness.

To burn fat you must combine high intensity cardio mixed with resistance to see results. Read fitness guru Cam Davis’s tips on how to burn fat fast with running.

  • The key to weight loss is through interval training. This involved a sprint (high intensity) and rest interval (low intensity). An example is sprint for 60-90 seconds and the rest for 60-90 seconds before you go again.
  • Interval training can be done anywhere, but for best results use steep hills, stairs, sand dunes or even use the treadmill at the gym but use the highest incline that the treadmill can rise. Regularly changing up your workouts will shock your body into fat burning mode. Variety training is a huge part of smart training for great results.
  • Running long distance at the same pace is great at conditioning your fitness, but not great for weight loss and body definition. Your body is smart and will soon get used to running at the same pace the same distance over and over again. Your weight will plateau and your body will lose muscle tone and you will not see results you once saw before. They key is to mix it up.
  • Interval training BURNS fat. The way it works is that your energy output during interval training requires a large amount of energy to burn through. It helps to chew up your fuel (food) and increase your anabolic capacity (fitness). Low intensity is more inclined to burn through fat and high intensity carbs. So your rest, low intensity, your sprint, high intensity are killing two birds with one stone. It’s the BEST all round weapon for fat loss.
  • Training at morning, mid day or night is all the same. It’s up to you and when you feel most energetic and best to train. The more energy you have, the better you will be at exercising.


  1. Find a decent sized hill, set of stairs or oval.
  2. Sprint at 100% effort!
  3. Walk back to the start…..Go again as soon as you reach it!
  4. Repeat for 30-45mins.

(If running on a track, stick to under 400m)

It’s that easy!

Photography by CHRIS LEW || Fitness Guru CAM DAVIS || Model BIANCA CHEAH || Location KURNELL || Crop top and tights by ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY