Are you unintentionally sabotaging your hair health?

We asked Jana Pana, owner of Marli Rose salon in Sydney’s Alexandria, to share the five most common hair mistakes many women make when it comes to their hair health. And then give us her expert advice on how to deal with them.

1. “Using elastic bands or poor quality hair elastic hair ties. This is terrible for the hair due to the fact over time it will end up breaking the mid-lengths of the hair.”

2. “Blow-drying the hair and straightening the hair without a heat protection cream on the mid lengths and ends. This is very important as it prevents dryness at the ends of the hair.”

3. “Going swimming either in salt water or in a pool without some sort of UV protection spray or cream, can be damaging to the hair after a few times of swimming. This can also affect colour fading quicker than usual.”

4. “Weekly treatments are important to keep the hair hydrated in the summer months due to all the swimming and sun. For women who colour their hair it is even more important to do treatments as colouring can remove nutrients out of the hair.”

5. “I also highly recommend regular hair cuts or trims every six to seven weeks as the ends begin to split. If this is left too long the split ends end up travelling up the hair shaft. This means a small trim might end up being more of a major cut.”

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