Are you up for a barre fight in San Francisco?


BARRE FIGHT, SAN FRANCISCOIf ballet and kickboxing had a love child, it would probably look something like the new Barre Fight class at SALT, a boutique fitness studio in San Francisco. The high energy, muscle toning, heart-pumping, 55-minute workout is the only one of its’ kind. Mixing graceful (and shake-inducing!) ballet barre movements with bursts of high intensity cardio, Barre Fight is not your usual group fitness class. You’re guaranteed to come out swinging— and sweating.

Melissa Boyd, owner of SALT and creator of Barre Fight, says she loved the idea of a barre class and wanted to take it up a notch with a fat-burning component. The sessions attract a mix of fitness enthusiasts, from cardio queens to Pilates devotees.

Now we’ve taken every kind of barre class on offer, and this particular barre-kickboxing hybrid surprised us. What makes the class so unique is the interval training aspect. The kickboxing moves are intertwined with dance and isometric strength building exercises. We went from holding Plank variations to a rousing set of ‘high-knees,’ through to pliés, ending with a kick-punch series. If you’re looking for a full-body workout to shake up your usual routine— and want to look pretty badass while doing it— walk, jog or sashay your way to San Francisco’s SALT for a Barre Fight.


Address: 327 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

Instagram: @saltisthecure
Facebook: SALT SF 

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