Exclusive: at home with fashion icon Lindy Klim

Not only does Lindy Klim have three gorgeous children, she also runs super successful skincare brand Milk & Co, writes a fashion and lifestyle blog, graces countless red carpets and travels the world with her husband former-Olympic swimmer Michael Klim.

We caught up with the glamorous beauty entrepreneur inside her Bali abode, where she divulged her secrets to staying fit and healthy with such a busy lifestyle as well as giving us an insight into her family life.

At home with Lindy Klim

Q: How often do you find yourself traveling between Bali and Australia?

A: Michael and I try to alternate so that we can share the workload. One of us is always in Bali with the kids and one of us is in Melbourne managing the business. We travel so often between Bali and Australia as well as any international commitments, so we are flying at least a few times a month.

Q: Constantly on the move, you must find it tricky to always find time to exercise. What is your favourite way to stay active at home and when you travel?

A; When I am in Bali I go to Motion Fitness daily. I love their classes!

Lindy KlimQ: What travel-essentials would you never get on a plane without?

A; I am never without my Milk & Co beauty wipes when I fly. For me they are the perfect way to freshen up on a flight.

Q: What’s your philosophy when it comes to nutrition ?

A: I believe in nurturing from the inside, so I try to be conscious of the food that I eat and prepare for my family. I’m so blessed to be able to eat clean, organic food when I am at home in Bali. At the moment I am trying to introduce a more vegan based diet into my nutrition regime.

Q: What are three foods you couldn’t live without?

A: I cannot live without coconut water, avocado and eggs.

Q: How has the move to Bali influenced your health routine? Any secret Balinese super foods we should know about?

A: We all have Jamu shots everyday, which are made out of turmeric and ginger. Its easy to eat well in Bali because there are so many amazing restaurants using, fresh, clean and organic produce.

Q: What are your top secrets for creating a peaceful atmosphere at home?

A: I believe in no TV, regular massages and music for all of the family.

Q: As a high-profile woman with an equally distinguished husband, how do you remain humble while constantly in the spotlight?

A: Bali is our sanctuary and is where we hide out and reflect. It is humbling to live in a third world country as it puts everything into perspective

Q: What is your favourite thing to do in your downtime with the family?

A: I love when we all go swimming at the beach as a family.

Q: What does the future look like for Lindy Klim and Milk & Co.?

A: I believe that our future is bright. We have just won an award in Korea for Milk & Co baby. We are continually expanding our export market. And as for me personally there will be some major fashion collaborations that I can’t yet talk about… It’s exciting!