Australia’s best chefs join forces for R U OK?

Would you love to dress up and be served dinner prepared by a bunch of Australia’s most talented celebrity chefs? And what if that dinner was to raise awareness for an incredibly important charity that’s helping combat the leading cause of death for young people in Australia?

Well here’s your chance!

R U OK? Dinner, presented by Merivale

Some of Australia’s most revered culinary masterminds are joining forces to host a very special evening, called the R U OK? Dinner presented by Merivale, which will be held Tuesday September 8 at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney.

The foodie fantasy event has been created to raise money for the not-for-profit organisation whose vision is a world where we’re all connected and protected from suicide, which shockingly, is the leading cause of death for people aged 15-44 in Australia.

“I’d asked a lot of people over the years before about the idea, so when it finally came to doing it, I had no problem rallying a crew,” says Jeremy Strode, Executive Chef of Merivale’s Bistrode CBD and The Fish Shop, of coordinating the event after a very inspiring few days at the WAW Festival with Ben Shrewry from Attica in Melbourne. “Of everyone who was approached, no one really hesitated. It’s been an amazing response.”

That “amazing response” unanimous feeling among the chefs that the screaming and shouting we’re so used to seeing in kitchens creates a very uncaring environment that can be difficult to work in.

The exceptional line-up of chefs means the food will be nothing short of amazing for the seven-course feast that will be passionately prepared by everyone donating their time and expertise to this evening. “That has been another fun thing about the event – we’ve paired chefs up to work on a dish together which has created a bit of interest,” said Jeremy.

R U OK? Day, R U OK?, Merivale

We can’t wait to see what culinary creations this will bring to the table. Ben from Attica is collaborating with the guys behind Sydney’s Three Blue Ducks, Darren Robertson and Mark Lebrooy to craft an entree while Dan Hunter from Brae in Victoria is joining forces with Thomas Lim from Goldie’s in Los Angeles to bring you a braised beef dish with a garnish hand-crafted by Thomas himself.

“If you’re armed with the tools to understand that someone needs a bit of a hand, if they’re not coping with work for other reasons rather than the fact that they just can’t do their job, there could be something else going on in their lives,” says Jeremy of the R U OK? organisation’s mission to encourage people who need help to feel comfortable to talk more.

“If you can double check there’s not something else that’s wrong, then that’s good… especially with youngsters these days. They’ve got so much more to cope with and grow up under much more pressure.”

Funds raised from this event will support R U OK?’s Community Ambassador program, which enables local engagement with schools, community groups and workplaces to encourage regular, meaningful conversations that could save lives.

You can buy tickets for the R U OK? Dinner, presented by Merivale here.
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