Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Emilie is a tea and travel enthusiast with a love for health and fitness. Emilie loves writing and endeavours to combine this with passion and knowledge of all aspects of wellbeing. An avid gym-goer, Emilie is in her element when she’s sweating it out during a high-intensity workout. As well as this, she loves walking by Australia's beautiful coast-line and has resolved to pracice more Yoga. She loves anything fashion related but feels most comfortable when she’s decked out from head to toe in active wear and has a sneaker collection like no other! Emilie is a self-proclaimed food lover and fuels her body with fresh, nourishing fare.
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Tash Oakley reveals her must-have beauty products

Australian bikini babe, Tash Oakley gives Sporteluxe the goss on all things beauty and bikinis!

Roxy’s #RUNSUPYOGA lands in Sydney

Fancy a day of fitness and fun on Sydney's iconic Manly Beach? Lucky for you, Roxy's global outdoor fitness tour, #RUNSUPYOGA is right around the corner.

6 products that help you fake thick hair quick

Thick, luscious locks are every girl's dream but sometimes this dream is more a figment of our imagination than part of our reality. The good news is it's as easy to fake thick hair as it is a tan these days. We've found six ways to faux your way to the thick-haired do of your dreams

Why giant round towels are the coolest for summer

With so much room for activities, round towels are the perfect accessory for any avid beach goer this summer. Read on to find out more about our favourite new Aussie-made beach must-have, Beach Bella, and why you'll want to use one to claim your patch of sand near you this season. We even give you the lowdown on how to fold a giant round towel too...

4 pieces of fit-tech you need in your life

Here at Sporteluxe, we're always on the look-out for the newest bits of fit-tech to keep us as lean as our green smoothies. Here are four very cool, easy-to-use new gadgets guaranteed to give you a fit-bod advantage this fresh season. Go, go gadget!

4 non-dairy ice cream alternatives for spring 

Whether you're lactose intolerant, vegan or simply want healthier dessert alternative, there are plenty of reasons to love the many fantastic dairy-free ice creams on offer these days. Here are four of our favourites in the Sporteluxe office right now, all in perfect time for fast-approaching southern hemisphere summer! 

Why we’re obsessed with Lululemon’s new pant sensations

Next time you step into Lululemon to peruse its famous pants wall, you'll probably be asked how you want to feel in your next pair of tights: tight, hugged, naked, held-in or relaxed. Why? So you can be matched up with possibly the most bespoke sports bottoms you've ever owed! Here's the lowdown on the latest, greatest technology from Lululemon's Engineered Sensation

How going ‘certified organic’ can change your life

It's no secret we're organic enthusiasts in the Sporteluxe office and we love hearing about the latest and greatest organic products on the market. With Australian Organic Awareness Month almost drawing to a close, we chatted to ambassador (and Sporteluxe expert contributor) Dr Kate Wood about her role and how you can improve your life by embracing more certified organic products

NIKE master trainer Kirsty Godso’s off duty secrets

Kirsty Godso is one of Australasia’s most popular fitness influencers and is always on the go training other people or travelling the world in her role as a Nike Master Trainer. We chatted to Kirsty about her hometown of Auckland, how she spends her days off and what it’s like to constantly travel the world