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Kate Kendall
Kate Kendall is Co-Founder & Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic in Sydney, Australia's Paddington and passionate about teaching the art of 'slowing down'. Her approach to yoga is down to earth & light hearted.
Kate Kendall. how to do the splits

7 moves to get into the splits

If you've always wanted to do the splits (and let's be honest who doesn't?!), it may not be as difficult as you may think. Get ready to channel your inner ballerina or gymnast, because today...
Kate Kendall, Yoga Etiquette

6 etiquette tips all yogis should follow

Ever rocked up to yoga class late and received evil looks from your yoga teacher? Wonder why checking Intagram through class (oh yeah I’ve seen it all) ruffles your fellow yogis feathers? Let me brush up...
Gary Pepper Girl, Nicole Warne,

5 steps for dropping the old to make way for the new

Ever heard one of your girlfriends say, “I’m just not ready to let go.” Or maybe you’ve been that girlfriend. Well I’m taking a stand against it from now on. I understand the psyche behind it....
How to stop being busy

7 ways to STOP being busy

It’s that time of the year, Christmas parties a-plenty; projects that need to get finished; and this incessant desire to catch up with every single person in your address book before the end of 2015. The...

Don’t let these 5 yoga myths stop you from working out

When it comes to excuses for not trying yoga. I’ve heard them all. In my nine years of teaching and many more as a student, whenever a conversation comes up about my career or what...

3 ways to get inspired and find your purpose

Do you want to shake things up, get inspired and find your purpose? Then read on for my 3 top tips that will help you get your life back on track. Hey you. What’s your purpose? What...

5 habits of body positive people 

Want to know why staying fit, happy and healthy is easier for some of us than others? Why some people infrequently have 'fat days' and others complain of being sluggish, tired and slow every other? Here's...
Kate Kendall

Learn how your energy can affect others around you

It's not always easy to project a mood we aspire to live in today and it's super easy to give the responsibility of your on experience to someone else. But the cool thing is the power is ours and we have the ability to change state in an instant. Kate Kendall shares her top three tips on being a 'Change Agent' and explains how you can create a positive energy to share with others
Bells at Killcare

Here’s a revitalising wellness retreat that includes healthy vices

Sometimes all it takes to find your most inspired self is to step away from the daily grind and surround yourself with nature, likeminded people and fresh perspective. High profile yoga expert Kate Kendall discovered that after joining a yoga retreat at Bells of Killcare - as a guest, not instructor. Here's why the popular hotel's new series of health retreats are so worth visiting
Wellness advice, Kate Kendall

How I quit hustling and focused on heart to re-find my meaning

Are you caught up in a whirlwind of striving, overwork and playing the competitive game? Focusing more on the daily hustle than your own heart can leave you burned out, body and soul. Yoga teacher Kate Kendall knows this personally. Here's her best advice for putting a little healthy 'softness' back into your life