Barber secrets for shaving at home

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Cuts, rash, redness…just a few of the issues guys commonly run into with shaving. We quizzed grooming expert Kristian Jones, from at The Barber Shop at spaQ at QT Sydney and asked him to share the secrets for achieving the perfect shave at home.

“Every man should invest in a basic good quality grooming kit including clippers, razor and beard trimmer,” advises Kristian. “When shaving at home the most important thing is not rush. Always shave after a hot shower or at least rinse your face in warm water to open your hair follicles to prepare your skin for close shave. It is best to use a cleanser on your skin to remove any traces of dirt to avoid any chance of infection. It’s also important not to press too hard on the skin with your razor. The shave won’t be any closer, and could potentially irritate your skin. A good razor has a weighted handle and that is the only pressure you need to apply. Finally, make sure you finish your shave with cold water rinse on your face to close your pores.”

Suffer from shaving rash? Kristian recommends using “natural products where possible” on your skin.“Look for ones that contain healing properties such as aloe vera to reduce redness and irritation,” says Kristian. “I recommend and use Uspa’s Aloe Hydrant Gel with Green Tea after shaving to soothe and hydrate your skin.”  Here, are a few other natural men’s grooming buys we love…


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