Barre Attack is coming to Fitness First!

Barre Attack, Fitness First

Barre Attack classes are coming to Fitness First! This dynamic fusion of ballet, Pilates and cardio will strengthen, tone and shape your legs, butts, thighs and arms. Sign us up! We caught up with Judi Mead, Fitness First’s National Group Fitness Manager, to get the lowdown on everything barre at Fitness First.

What can members expect from a class?

Members can expect a total body workout, with a particular focus on working the arms, glutes and thighs. Using a ballet barre, Pilates ball and resistance bands, Barre Attack combines the best of ballet, Pilates and toning exercises to target the muscles that help improve posture and increase strength, balance and flexibility.  A typical Barre Attack class will involve three sections:

Barre: Think a mod­i­fied bal­let class and expect to hear terms like 1st posi­tion, 2nd posi­tion and plié. In these ses­sions you’ll gen­er­ally have one hand on the barre and be giv­ing your legs and glutes a seri­ous workout.

Elas­tic: Using resistance bands and fac­ing away from the barre you might punch outwards while hold­ing the elas­tic, or hold a lunge while doing an upper body rota­tion. All of this will strengthen your core, arms and legs. It can also be a great way to de-stress!

Car­dio: Car­dio inter­vals are dis­persed through the class. This really helps with overall fit­ness, burn­ing calo­ries and get the blood flowing.

Does it have any Fitness First specific tweaks?

The program has been adapted to be unlike any other program currently offered at Fitness First. We have incorporated more balance work, postural exercises and have evolved the program to suit male and female members of all ages and fitness levels.

What are the benefits for your body?

Specifically, Barre Attack will tone and strengthen your body through core and standing stability exercises. Often in hard to work places where regular workouts just can’t get to! Using a combination of traditional ballet and Pilates exercises the class focuses on both lower body and upper body, including a spotlight on the biceps and triceps! We notice huge improvements in balance, alignment, posture and overall tone in the body.

Why has Fitness First decided to introduce Barre?

We have seen the US trend towards barre training grow and members started to ask about classes, so we started looking at the different products available in Australia.  Almost all Barre programs came from the US and were designed for that market. Fortunately for Fitness First, a local former professional ballerina, Renee Scott, had already created her program, Barre Attack, and it was making an impact in the market place! With her international background in professional ballet and her experience as a Master Trainer in Pilates, Renee has created an amazing program for the Australian market. Drawing on her vast experience, Renee has structured Barre Attack to suit both the studio and the gym market.

Fitness First Barre Attack classes run for 60 minutes and will begin in April at Fitness First Mosman Platinum and Fitness First Willoughby Platinum, with more clubs to come soon! Bookings are essential and classes will be limited to 20 people so be sure to book before you go!

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