Basecamp: taking HIIT to a whole new level

Basecamp is the new 35 minute workout taking California by storm and we have the inside scoop on this high-intensity full body workout.

Created by Nick Swinmurn, the founder of and the MMA-inspired Dethrone clothing company, Basecamp has revolutionised the signature HIIT workout. It is a heart-pumping, muscle-building workout that consists of interval training in multiple formats. The workout is based on a method of thirty one-minute exercises, where you alternate between cardio, circuit training, suspension training, boxing, weight training, yoga and Pilates. Another five minutes are given to things like core work are stretching. basecamp, basecamp fitness

Director of Operations, Niklaus Kish, explains. “The use of so many different types of exercises and the constant variability using one minute intervals, keeps challenging the body while also keeping it guessing, this keeps the body adapting and that’s what causes the amazing results members see.”

While the workout may sound intimidating, Basecamp is committed to a holistic approach to health by offering a wide range of classes, nutrition information and recreational group activities, all while trying to build a personalised community for their clients.

“Our job is to facilitate the process, support each unique journey and celebrate every milestone along the way. The mission of building strong hearts touches everything we do, from our daily interactions to the studio design and layout. It’s all in service to a greater goal,” says Ramon Castillon, Chief Executive Officer.

The workout brand’s new West Hollywood studio will be its fifth location, but we can predict that it won’t be their last. Here’s hoping it finds its way to Australia soon!