Be inspired. The Dancer’s Pose

After five months of yoga practice with my yoga teacher and mentor Kate Kendall from Flow Athletic, Dancer’s Pose has now become one of my favourites. It’s a beautiful and elegant pose that has greatly developed my concentration and balance while lengthening my leg and hip muscles.

Not only is yoga beautiful to witness, it is also highly beneficial for your mind and body. Yoga is a spiritual discipline that combines health and relaxation. The practice involves breath control, meditation and the adoption of specific body postures. I’ve found that just by holding these postures in class, my body has now become toned and long. Balance is key! If you’re new to yoga, you can reap the rewards just by practicing a few basic sequences daily here. From stress busting sequences to enlightening morning sequences, all it takes is just dedicating 30 mins out of your day like I have to start seeig the rewards.

Looking for a studio in Sydney’s east? Maybe try my favourite one, Flow Athletic.

Photographer: Chantel Cheah/ I’m wearing Lululemon long sleeved top and Adidas By Stella Mccartney tights from

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