5 tips to beat emotional overeating urges

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When things get tough, it’s so easy to turn to food as comfort. And from speaking to clients, I’ve also seen it’s easy for most people to feel it’s a cycle they’ll never be able to escape; it’s just who they are.

But I don’t believe that’s true. I really believe we can change, detach from our old stories, and then create a new, brighter version of them.

But sometimes we move forward faster when we let go – of attachments, of old ways of being, and of negative thought patterns that aren’t serving us anymore.

So to help you let go and create new ways of being, thinking and feeling, here are some things I no longer believe about emotional overeating:

Beat the emotional overeating urge with these five tips!


Fact: In fact, I believe quite the opposite. I believe that when you grip tighter, you feel more stressed.

Real solution: Loosen your grip and trust that you won’t fall. Or fail. And if you do fall (or fail) you’ll pick yourself up again… with the tools you’ve gained, such as those in my Heartfelt Harmony Guidebook.



Fact: Again, the opposite is true. Even if you’re such a Type A perfectionist, emotional eating is something you can’t switch on and off, and decide to ‘get over’ in a day.

I believe we are always growing, cleansing, changing, improving, shedding old skins, old layers, old ways of thinking, being, doing, reacting and behaving.

Real solution: Stop expecting yourself to be ‘cured’ by just one thing, be it one book, one weekend workshop, one healthy recipe. Instead, see your life as a kaleidoscope of all of your experiences, feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions.

Each one can bring you closer to heartfelt harmony (or further away) but you won’t wake up one morning and just be there. You get to choose each day how you want to feel, what you want to eat for breakfast, and how you feel after swallowing the last mouthful.

You are completely capable of letting go of old habits. But you need to give yourself the time to do it. This is not a race. You are completely capable of letting go of old habits.



Fact: I used to feel flawed because I didn’t think I was good enough. Now? Now I see that that was my flaw: not feeling good enough.

If you feel good enough, if you know your worth, your value. And if you really start to appreciate yourself for every single part of you that makes up you, then you won’t feel flawed. Because you’ll release you are whole. And you are you. And that makes you perfect.

Real solution: Ask yourself, what makes you feel nourished and full and whole and good enough? Acknowledge it, and welcome it into your life. Need some extra support? Work with a coach or support professional 1:1.



Fact: Crazy thought, I know, but just because you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t mean this is a bad place to be in. As an example, I can now look back and say my experience of body disharmony has given me the chance to help you find harmony.

Real solution: Ask yourself, what benefit could this experience bring you? Are you becoming more empathetic? Are you softening? Is this helping you to reassess old habits, negative situations, draining relationships or a boring job? What could change for the better, in order to help you release your emotional eating?



Fact: Hiding what you eat, and how much you eat, perpetuates the cycle of guilt, shame and bingeing. It perpetuates the feeling that you are a bad person and that what you’re doing is wrong, when none of this is true.

It perpetuates the subconscious notion that you’re flawed, wounded or not good enough… which makes you want to eat more.

Real solution: Stop hiding your eating; you have nothing to hide. Eat in full view of others. Don’t be ashamed any longer. You’re not doing anything wrong when you eat. You are nourishing your body, and that nourishes you.

And when you feel nourished on all levels, you know your worth, you know you’re good enough, and you feel harmony in your body.


TIP: If eating in harmony with your body and emotions would feel like a miracle right now, join the Heartfelt Harmony Society and discover this is possible for you now.

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Cassie Mendoza-Jones is a kinesiologist, naturopath and writer for women who feel stuck, unworthy and disconnected to themselves. In working with her, women move into what she calls “heartfelt harmony” – a state of balance, ease and vitality. Through her Heartfelt Harmony Society courses + guides, eBooks and free resources, she’s here to help you shake up your approach to self-care, self-worth and self-acceptance on every level, while making it all feel like nourishing yourself without feeling guilty for it is the simplest thing in the world. (Truth: it can be.) Her upcoming book with Hay House is due for release in early 2016, and her lessons and insights have been featured in publications such as Body + Soul, and on popular websites such as Sporteluxe, news.com.au, Vogue.com.au, and smh.com.au. She’s spoken at events and workshops around Australia for a variety of companies, including LinkedIn. When she’s not working with clients, or creating new books, online courses and programs, she’s getting lost in a good novel, hanging out in a cafe or suiting up for a yoga class. Meet Cassie + get ready to find the most balanced, centred version of yourself at www.elevatevitality.com.au and www.heartfeltharmony.com.