Beauticate Steps Inside My Home For The Day!

Recently I opened up my home and beauty cabinet to Sigourney Cantelo, Vogue Beauty & Health Director’s new website BEAUTICATE. A great site for anyone looking to read about the how tos and beauty secrets from beauty insiders and celebs. Sigourney and her team stepped inside my home for the day to reveal my top healthy beauty, living and food secrets. The piece reveals everything from my peaceful, relaxing vibe of my abode to my morning smoothies and beauty rituals that I live by. So if you’re keen to have a peek inside my home, then head to BEAUTICATE. Photo credits:

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My living room. I like to keep the space as serene as possible. I believe your home should be somewhere that you can come back to and relax at the end of the day. Like an escape from the working day.
Bianca Cheah's Bathroom, Milk Cleansing wipes, Lindy Klim skincare, Aesop Hand soap.
This is my bathroom. I always have a set of Lindy Klim’s MILK facial cleansing wipes. I love!
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The ingredients that make up my daily morning smoothies.
Bianca Cheah bedroom, Bianca Cheah, Reebok Yoga Mat, 2XU jacket, Reebok bag
In my bedroom you’ll find my sports rack of all my favourite items of the moment.