Beauty editor secrets!

Popsugar editor

Justine Dunton-Rose, Popsugar editorWe caught up with POPSUGAR Australia beauty editor Justine Dunton-Rose and convinced her to share her best-ever natural beauty tips and tricks.

Best ever natural beauty tips or tricks you swear by?

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your body! Check the ingredients listing on the back of products, if there are a lot of complicated chemical-sounding words and names on there, it’s probably not as natural as it claims. When it comes to sensitive skin, keep to oils. Oil cleansers, moisturisers, hair treatments and body products are wonderful at hydrating and protecting. I love almond, rosehip, coconut, jojoba, macadamia and argan.

What are some of your favourite natural beauty products that actually work? If we peeked into your cabinet at home what would we find?

·         Rosehip oil I love this stuff! I have about five different kinds in my cabinet at home. Great for any scars or marks and works really well on your face as well as your body. It’s perfect for my sensitive skin.

·         Thermal Water This is a new favourite and I swear by it. I keep one at my desk for spritzing throughout the day, and I also use it at home to mist on before I moisturise – morning and night!

·         Natural shampoo and conditioner I’m using natural hair products in the shower too; SLS and sulphates are almost a thing of the past. I just think you need to be very aware that what you use in the shower goes down the drain and into the water source, so I try to make sure everything I use in the shower (including cleaning products) are natural.

Eve LomWhat about your fave mineral make-up products?

I’m a massive fan of mineral make-up. I find my skin is much calmer and really feels better after I wear it. Especially for foundation my favourites include Eve Lom (new to Mecca), Bare MineralsLa Mav and Nude by Nature.

Super ElixirCan you share some secrets for skin that glows from the inside out?

I went through a stage of always drinking chlorophyll in water every morning, I found it not only cleared my skin, but it helped with digestion too. I need to start this again! I also am really enjoying Elle Macpherson’s beauty supplement powder The Super Elixr. I put a spoonful in any smoothies I make. The biggest secret though is the obvious one: water. I keep a bottle on my desk and try to make sure I drink two of them a day, I really notice the difference when I haven’t been drinking enough.