Beauty editor secrets!

With two decades of magazine experience behind her Rachael Mannel is one of Australia’s most accomplished Beauty Editors. Now, the former CLEO Beauty Director is making the move into the online world, having just been announced as HealthyMEtv’s new Beauty Health Editor and Presenter. We convinced Rach to share some of her infinite beauty wisdom with us. 

Tell us about your role at HealthyMEtv. Are you looking forward to combining beauty and health online after two decades in magazines?

Yes! Beauty health is a category so many women are interested in so I can’t wait to begin filming! I will be curating and presenting a collection of videos covering new products, the latest research and trends, as well as instructional content that is beautiful and inspiring to watch.

There’s nothing about beauty you don’t know! Can you share your three best-ever tips and tricks?

  • Contouring should not be relegated to the 80’s! I love using light and shade to create and define the face. Matte bronzer under the cheekbones and illuminiser on the high part will enhance your bone structure beautifully.
  • To make eyes smolder and lashes look thicker, line the upper water-line with a sharpened black eye pencil. Dot between the lashes to fill any gaps.
  • Go easy on the concealer! Too much settles into the wrinkles. I only ever use it on the inner corner of the eye where the shadows are darkest and around the nose to conceal redness. Blend by rolling, not swiping your finger over the top.

What are some of the most common beauty blunders women make and how can you fix them?

  • Hacking into eyebrows is the biggest blunder I see. Brows need to frame the face and taper evenly. If you have brows resembling tadpoles, book into a brow bar this instant!
  •  To avoid the tell-tale foundation line at the jaw, avoid pink-based foundation. Instead, try a yellow tone to correct redness in the skin so the result is even and flawless.
  •  There’s no point spending time choosing and applying a matching foundation if you are then going to heap golden (aka orange) bronzer over the top. Resist the urge to swirl it all over and limit application to where the sun would naturally hit the face. It’s the only way you will achieve a ‘natural’ make-up look.

What are some of your natural health secrets?

Coconut oil is the first one because it has so many uses. I have used it on an irritated scalp, dry skin, cuticles, to cleanse off make-up and as a body moisturiser.

Mineral make-up is still a favourite as it’s just so easy to apply, looks natural and you can build for more coverage it needed. You can also fall asleep without removing it without the ‘guilts’!

I am also a fan of organic lip balms (all-natural are okay too) because eating chemicals isn’t that appealing. I don’t really have a favourite brand, I use all of them. I also use a mineral mist to help my serums and moisturiser penetrate skin better. The trick is applying the mineral mist after moisturiser and massaging it in lightly.

Want to more beauty wisdom? Log on tomorrow for the second part of our interview with Rachael in which she reveals how to look polished post-workout, why Bikram yoga could be damaging your skin and the secrets to getting skin that glows from the inside out!