Beauty habits that are bad for your health!

Lets face it, bad beauty habits are part of being a human. Whether it be continuous nail biting, fiddling with those split ends or reverting back to that bad boy ex-boyfriend- it happens to the best of us. We reveal the top beauty blunders that may be wreaking havoc with your health.

Using Old Make-Up

Warning- this may hurt your wallet! We all know it’s difficult to part ways with your favourite chic Chanel compact- though it’s sometimes necessary. Make up past its prime is a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to breakouts, infections and a plethora of other nasty skin issues.


Crash diets and intense workouts can slow your metabolism, disturb your digestive system and weaken the immune system. We recommend the simplistic approach- eating whole organic foods and regular workouts. Your skin will thank you for it!

Eyelash Extensions

Repeated eyelash extensions can cause alopecia- hair loss due to excessive tensions. Heavy eyelash extensions can weigh the natural lash hairs down, weakening them to break off. We recommend taking a break every few months and investing in a lash conditioner such as the Jane Iredale Purelash Extender and Conditioner.

bad beauty habits, beauty products

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Manicures: UV light and cuticle cutting

This one breaks our heart, just a little (or a whole lot). The UV lamp used to set your gel mani utilizes UV radiation, which is known to be carcinogenic to humans (cancer forming). Studies have shown the cancer risks associated are quite low, though we say we’ll skip that risk and just get lacquer instead!

bad beauty habits, beauty products

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Nail biting

Try to keep your idle nail biting and picking to a minimum, after all your hands contain copious amounts of bacteria from our day to day lives… bathroom germs anyone? Yikes! We recommend washing your hands as frequently as possible. Treat yourself to a chic mani; after all, who would want to ruin that perfect polish?

bad beauty habits, beauty products

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Olivia Boyd-Smith
Olivia wholeheartedly embraces all things health, fitness and beauty-related in her everyday life. It is more than a passion to her, it is her lifestyle. Studying a combined degree of Communications and Business, Olivia hopes to branch into the Corporate Beauty world where her business mind and passion for nutrition and beauty from the inside out can combine. Exercise is an integral part of Olivia's lifestyle. With 16 years as a ballerina she strongly believes in moving her body every day. Her interests include running, Barre body and reformer Pilates. Olivia has worked with skin Doctors for the past few years while studying, which has allowed her to acquire a vast knowledge of all things skin and body health related. This compliments her interest in nutrition and wellness. She’s also always in the kitchen experimenting with new healthy recipes, allowing her love for beauty foods to flourish. Through her writing Olivia hopes to inform and inspire and readers to live a healthy and beautiful life.