Best masculine skin products to buy your guy

We’re pretty certain this story will either prompt the man in your life to realise there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little dude-primping,  especially when its in the name of healthier skin, or inspire you to purchase him a few essentials you know he’ll love. Either way, here’s our low-down on the best luxurious, affordable and straight-forward grooming products for his man cave!

Our pick of the best masculine skin products

His skincare

Perricone Nutritive Cleanser

This nourishing face wash removes impurities and delivers superior anti-aging benefits. It’s non-drying, paraben-free and will leave him with a brighter and smoother skin tone. Team it with Perricone High Potency Evening Repair (an evening serum treatment that includes  Alpha Lipoic Acid, Retinol and DMAE), $115, for extra effect.

male products

Shop → Perricone Nutritive Cleanser, $45

His maintenance


The unique, mother of all razors: this clever gizmo prolongs the life of your man’s average razor, saving cash in replacements and minimising wastage. It also means he’ll have a cleaner and sharpener shave guaranteed every day.

male products

Shop → Razormate, $29.95

Dr Jacksons Coconut Melt

This 100 per cent organic formula melts on touch, hydrates, nourishes and counters the formation of wrinkles. It’s the ideal go-to moisturiser for any guy, smells great and has clean monochrome packaging that doesn’t look out of place on any guy’s bathroom shelf.

male products

Shop → Dr Jacksons Coconut Melt, $16.70


His Scent

Le Labo Santal 33

With notes of iris root, spice and violet, this scent is a sensual collab with Frank Voekl, the nose behind Musc 25. A deep and sexy, yet subtly spicy scent that offers you the option of personalising the label. Chic, classic, sold.

male products

Shop → Le Labo Santal 33, $300

Voyage D’Hermes All-Over Shower Gel

This all-in-one will simplify your man’s morning and evening routines, while hydrating and nourishing his skin. It’s infused with a delicate and spicy iris scent you’ll both love too.

male products

Shop → Voyage D’Hermes All-Over Shower Gel, $77.50

His mane

Joico Molding Putty

Flexible hold with that “no product” natural feel, this product allows your man to style his hair effortlessly leaving a soft and subtle shine with a fresh, crisp fragrance.

male products

Shop → Joico Molding Putty, $22
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