Beyoncé and Topshop announce official release date of joint athleisure label

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If there’s one person who can make spandex sexy it’s Beyoncé so it’s no surprise that the dancing diva has joined forces with Topshop to launch their very own athleisure label.

First announced in October 2014, it’s been a long-awaited encore but Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd. has finally returned to the stage with an official launch date of April 2016 – aka next month.

But with little more than a whisper and no whiff of a teaser in over a year, what do we know so far?

What to expect from Parkwood Topshop Athletic

It’ll be a joint venture – 50/50

Before you go thinking this is a one-off work a la Kate Moss, Topshop boss, Sir Phillip Green has cleared all brewing speculation. “This not a collaboration,” he said. “This is about building a brand and building a business – a separate, proper business, with separate overheads and a separate office.”

And we’d expect nothing less from Queen B, who’s managed to secure a 50-50 partnership with the global retail giant… for a girl who runs the world, what’s a multinational company and a few billion pounds?

It’ll be leotards, lycra and loungewear

The line is reported to encompass clothing, footwear and accessories across dance, fitness and sport so you can channel the foxy lady from the treadmill to the stage, and onto the street. According to Beyoncé, the collection will be fashion-driven with technical-performance elements. She has been working with Topshop’s development team to ensure all technical aspects have been adequately tested, hence the delay in launch.

It’ll be stocked in as many as 25 countries

According to the Telegraph UK, Parkwood Topshop Athletic is aiming to launch in as many as 25 countries and Australia is on the ticket along with the United States, Canada and mainland Europe. The collection will be distributed to Topshop stores,, but also to other retailers.

“Assuming the line is sufficient, it will certainly be in our biggest stores, hopefully as a shop within shop, having its own identity in the stores, certainly in the stores where we have the space. Outside of our own stores, we will talk to Nordstrom where we’ve got a relationship and then see who else we talk to from there,” Green told WWD.

With mere weeks to wait, excitement for the launch of the new label is certainly circling. Rumour has it, the name of the first collection is either undecided or still under wraps but with Bey involved we’re crossing our fingers that ‘bootylicious’ is a top contender.


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