Bikini body countdown! Start training now!

Kate Kendall, Flow Athletic, Warrior yoga, sculpting yoga

We’re now well into spring and before we know it summer will be here. Which means goodbye to weekends wrapped up in warm layers and hello to longer days, balmy nights and small bikinis. So there’s no better time to make a recommitment to training. Here are my top three spring training tips to get you started!

Get real

Set realistic training goals and stick to them. If you feel like you’ve got more in the tank, top up your training up with a few more sessions. Starting slow and building up means you won’t burnout.

Take it easy

Set aside time to relax. It might seem counterintuitive but it’s actually your secret weapon. The body needs time to reset so get good at doing absolutely nothing a few times a week.  Make feeding your soul and reducing stress as much of a priority as weight loss. Ultimately, it will speed up the weight loss process and keep you on top of your game at work and in life.

Check your attitude

What’s your attitude going into a workout or yoga practice? Is it simply to lose weight? Does it feel like a punish? Would you rather stay in bed? If so write down how you want to feel come summer as opposed to what you want to look like. Think sexy, confident, joyous or content. Then let these words become your key motivators.


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