Billabong pro-surfer Laura Enever’s best body insights

Australian pro surfer and Billabong ambassador Laura Enever leads a seemingly perfect existence – travelling from one paradise beach location to the next for her job. But no professional athlete gets to where they are without hard work and taking care of their bodies.

Sporteluxe spoke to the 24-year-old former ASP Women’s World Junior Champion, who finished 10th in the world last year, about her fitness regime, immune-boosting tips, inner confidence and her off-duty wardrobe.

Laura’s best body insights

Q: Apart from surfing, what do you do to keep fit? Laura Enever, pro surfer, billabong

“Besides surfing I love practicing yoga and stretching to keep my body feeling good. I also love quick high intensity interval workouts and boxing.”

Q: What is your typical weekly training schedule like and does it differ on- and off-season?

“I travel so much that I really try to keep a good routine going while I’m on the road. I travel with my yoga mat and boxing gloves and mits. I’ve found that the best training for surfing is surfing but when the waves are bad I love keeping active – we travel to some beautiful places on the tour, so even just walking around and hiking is a fave activity of mine too.”

Q: Do you ever have days where you just don’t feel like training or practicing? If so, what do you do to kickstart your motivation?

“I think we all have days like that! Whenever I’m feeling tried or a little burnt out I just jump in the ocean. It’s such an incredible escape. I have a lot of fun boards – long boards that I ride and sometimes I will just go for a swim in the ocean, it brings you back to earth slows everything down and you’re still keeping active.”

Laura Enever
Q: What’s your philosophy when it comes to nutrition and what are 3 foods you could you not live without?

“My philosophy is everything in moderation. My mum and grandma tell me that all the time! I’ve been through vegan and vegetarian phases and now I just listen to my body and what it’s telling me it needs. Ahh… three foods that I can’t live without would have to be apples, avocados and peanut butter.”

Q: You’re a picture of glowing health. Do you feel body pressure given your profession sees you competing and being snapped often in a swimsuit? How do you keep your inner confidence buoyed?

“When I was younger I felt a bit of pressure to look a certain way, but now I don’t feel that pressure at all. For me, feeling healthy is about feeling happy. I love feeling strong so I can surf, compete, ride bigger waves. Feeding my body with the right foods and feeling energised and happy every day is the best! I’ve got so many amazing friends in my life all shapes and sizes and with beautiful kind hearts – that’s what counts.”

Q: Do you have a go-to remedy for staying healthy and/or recovering if you’re unwell?

“I travel with SO many vitamins, vital green powders and protein powders (like a huge bag full of potions) so wherever I go, I can keep my body feeling good. I even travel with a blender sometimes to make my morning smoothies when I’m on the road. When I’m feeling unwell I will find fresh juice bars wherever I am in the world and feed my body with as much vitamin C and nutrients as possible.”

Laura Enever, pro surfer, billabong

Q: We know wetsuits and swimsuits are your uniform, but what sort of clothes would we find you in off-duty? 

“I love my Billabong surf capsule wetsuits and bikinis! I keep my look simple and chic – jeans or shorts with a singlet and an oversized button up shirt with leather boots is my daily go to look!”

Q: What’s your favourite piece in the current Billabong activewear range?

“I love the matching leggings and sports bra!”

Q: What are your go-to beauty products for protecting yourself from the elements?

“I’ve always got moisturiser and leave-in conditioner close by for after surfs. They have truly saved my skin and hair.”

Q: Do you get ‘night before a big event’ nerves and what do you do to deal with them?

“I don’t get too nervous. I try to keep things really relaxed and go about my normal ways before competing. For me, not thinking about the event is the best way to prepare. The morning of the event the nerves will usually hit!”

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