Blue mood! Bring calm and tranquility to your home with chinoiserie

Chinoiserie refers to a traditional European take on romantic orientiental style, infusing all types of Asian influences. The style is bright and graphic and manages to look both fresh and timelessly elegant at the same time.


One of the main characteristics of chinoiserie is the use of layered blue and white prints on ceramics, fabrics and wallpapers.

However, this interior style isn’t just beautiful to look at. It can also have beneficial effects on your mood too. The use of the colour blue, coupled with white, promotes a sense of tranquility and calm. Images of romantic Chinese landscapes are also common in chinoiserie and this also brings a sense of serenity to a space by subtly encouraging a connection to nature.

When you mix this with the historical elements from the chonosierie style, the overall effect is a feeling of enchantment and sophistication. It also brings to mind connotations of travel and history.

Want to add a touch of chinoiserie chic to your house? Consider strongly patterned wallpaper or an upholstered fabric wall. You could also paint your walls blue. I recommend Lyre Bird by Porter’s Paints.

When styling a room, try creating clusters of patterned ceramics. Use a mix of different patterns, heights and shapes and tightly group all the objects together. Team this with fresh floral arrangements. The same mix-and-match layering trick applies for decorative cushions too. Just be sure to stick to the chinoiserie palette of blue and white to retain the feeling of calm sophistication.

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Mia Lake
Mia Lake is the Interior Design Director at Vic Lake Architect (VLA). VLA is a family business specialising in high end residential homes and boutique multi residential developments. The collaboration between sophisticated architecture and considered interiors, VLA approaches their projects holistically and cohesively. Mia’s design journey began at Sydney’s The Whitehouse Institute of Design. She was awarded a yearlong scholarship to further her studies internationally at Accademia Italiana. That year in Florence, Italy was a major influence on her career and design style. Prior to VLA, Mia’s has been fortunate to work at two leading Sydney interior design practices, Arent&Pyke and Briony Fitzgerald Design, specialising in high end residential interior design and custom made furnture. A strong construction knowledge, understanding and love of craftsmanship, and sensitivity to the client’s practical needs are the key ingredients to a Mia’s successful design. Mia loves using luxurious natural materials, colour and layering textures. She believes injecting personality into spaces and surrounding yourself with objects that tell stories of your live, makes you happy and inspires. A well designed space can truly improve the way you live.