Boot camp at Coachella, would you do this?

Coachella, Coachella music festival, bootcamp

So what comes to your mind when you think of Coachella? It’s a very famous and super stylish music festival that attracts thousands from all around the globe who are there to not only enjoy the festivities, but to join in with the festival’s iconic fashion style, the dancing and listening to the line up of all the talented artists. But if this just wasn’t enough for you, would you amp up your fitness ante and bust out a few bootcamp workouts whilst at the festival?

Coachella, Coachella music festival, Barry's bootcamp

As seen on one of New York’s top health & wellbeing sites Well And Good, Barry’s Bootcamp have just announced that they will be hosting pop up outdoors and double-floor style workouts because apparently there aren’t any treadmills in the desert during the duration of the festival. And the best bit? Participating in the bootcamp means that you will be well equipped for the festival with their Survival Kit that includes a pair of cool sun shades, mini fan, lip balm, sunscreen and a bandana to keep the sweat and hair strays at bay! Sounds like fun? Just visit Barrys Bootcamp for more info or head to Well and Good to read more!