Brianna Cope’s healthy guide to Kauai!

Brianna Cope

Under Armour surfer Brianna Cope shares her favourite hotspots from her home, the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

“Kauai is such a beautiful place,” says Brianna. “I’m so lucky to have been born and raised there. If someone were to visit they should definitely go snorkelling. Kauai has so many amazing beaches to do that. We have awesome juice bars and healthy stores. Kauai is pretty amazing.”

Aloha Aina Juice Bar

Brianna’s fave juice bar in Kauai

“It’s called Aloha Aina Juice Bar and I go there almost every day. I get a smoothie with peanut butter, strawberry, banana, almond milk and goji berries. I try not to drink any dairy.”

Brianna Cope

Brianna’s fave place for healthy food in Kauai

“We have a great place in Kauai called Living Foods Gourmet Market and Café. It’s really awesome. It has great food and a focus on local farming and organics.”

Organic Functional Fitness Kauai

Brianna’s fave place to workout in Kauai

“My trainer has a company called Organic Functional Fitness Kauai. It’s awesome. It has everything from TRX to yoga. So if someone was to visit Kauai and wanted to workout I would definitely suggest going there!”