Bringing some Byron Bay happiness back home!

sarah ranawake
Photography Heidi Boardman | Sarah wears own hat and Seafolly Goddess Strapless Bustier Bra, $109.95 

I’m sitting here writing this on the balcony of my beautiful apartment at The Byron At Byron Resort and Spa. I have a cup of chamomile tea beside me and can hear the faint lull of the ocean in the background and a cacophony of rainforest sounds around me. Yep, I’m feeling pretty blessed right now!

If you follow my Instagram @SarahRanawake you’ll know that Bianca and I have been working up here all week. As someone who’s never been to Byron Bay before I have to say it’s been a beautiful introduction. We’ll be sharing some gorgeous pics and a full report on our stay at this amazing resort on Sporteluxe soon so stay tuned. But for now I just wanted to share some quick wellness musings which have occurred to me over the last few days.

sarah ranawake

Most of us, me included, usually reserve a lot of things we love doing for holidays or when we’re away. For me this list includes reading a great book, indulging in a massage or a relaxing soak in the bath with some essential oils, meditating outdoors, chilling on the beach or by a pool and doing absolutely nothing at all. Perhaps even having a little siesta! Or, conversely, packing in as much as possible into one day. Think rising before sunrise, doing a little yoga then getting active out in nature and exploring new healthy hotspots. But what if we made an effort to bring some of this holiday vibe into our everyday lives? To try hold onto that rejuvenated feeling we get from holidays and top it up each weekend or after work by feeding our soul with holiday-esque adventures. Imagine how much happier, healthier and more productive we’d all be?!

Sure, the rainforest sounds aren’t something I can replicate in Sydney (unless I download them to my iPhone) however pretty much everything else I’ve mentioned above are things I can do at home. As my meditation teacher and dear friend Jacqui Lewis would say it’s all about high-grade living!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week so far,

Sares x

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