The quickest way to burn fat fast

No more belting it out on the treadmill or running loops around Centennial Park for hours on end to see fat loss results. Cam Davis, fitness trainer, TV presenter and model knows how tough it is to stay in shape for his work and so shares his No.1 tip on how to burn fat and see results in the quickest amount of time.

Don’t forget to wear a sweat band, because this exercise will have you dripping in sweat, but only for 30 minutes. Cam’s diet & training tips: If you give 100% to the workout, you will see 100% in results. Also eat a balanced diet of proteins, the right carbohydrates and vegetables and drink plenty of water while you are training to re hydrate and flush out toxins. Cam’s number 1 rule is to stay away from alcohol if you are trying to lose those extra kgs and suggests replacing that glass of wine with a sparkling water or green tea.

Cam’s fat blaster workout: 

Workout: Hill sprints Interval training. Pick a long steep hill and sprint up as fast as you can, then walk back down to the bottom of the hill. Repeat this untill 30 minutes has passed. Don’t forget to stretch after your workout so you don’t wake up with sore muscles the next day.

How many times per week should this exercise be done to see optimal results: 3-4 times per week. Preferably early morning to boost the metabolism for the day.

When will I see fat loss results: You will see results in your weight loss and body shape within 2-3 weeks

What areas of the body does this exercise target? All over.

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