Burn fat with this quick Vinyasa workout

Are you after a tighter, more toned body but the idea of pumping weights at a gym full of males staring at themselves in the mirror just isn’t for you, let alone sharing the sweaty equipment with your hot and sweaty neighbour? We couldn’t agree more. So grab a mat, find a space at home and get into some Vinyasa Flow practice!

Vinyasa Yoga is a form of practice that aims at sculpting and toning the overall body, and sees you flow from one strong holding pose to the next. The idea is that you’re always moving, which means your heart rate stays high and your muscles are switched on. It’s considered more of a fat burning practice (I bet I have your attention now) due to the constant movements, which is why it’s so popular amongst yogis. Trust us you’ll definitely be working up a sweat with this class!

Vinyasa Flow here we go!

Now that I’ve got you thinking about Vinyasa Yoga, Kate Kendall and I have created a simple and effective Vinyasa Yoga sequence for you to try in the comfort of your own home. Thanks to sequence-genius Kate, it’s a great little series of 11 poses that you can repeat on each side until you get tired.

Expect to use your legs and triceps for this workout and aim to practice this sequence 3-4 times per week. And remember, to give it your 150 per cent in each pose.

The 16 Vinyasa Poses

  1. Downward Dog
  2. Three-Legged Dog
  3. Tiger Curl
  4. Three-Legged Dog
  5. Side Angle Triangle
  6. Warrior 2
  7. Reverse Warrior
  8. Runners Lunge
  9. High plank with one leg
  10. Low plank
  11. Baby Cobra
  12. Baby Cobra look right
  13. Forehead to ground
  14. Baby Cobra look right
  15. High plank
  16. Downward Dog
*As always, you should start off in a warm up, stretching your body and then finishing with some post-practice stretches.