Can a change of scenery boost team #Sporteluxe N+TC training?

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Team #Sporteluxe pushing through

We are in week six of our eight-week challenge and we’re all feeling more fit and ready than ever for the big N+TC Tour on May 2.

With just two weeks until go-time, team Sporteluxe needed an inspiration boost to get through the final two weeks of training. New clothes, a different time and a different workout were some of the options that were put forward, but the one which put smiles on faces most was a change in scenery, the beach! And what a better spot than the iconic shores of Bondi Beach!

Team Sporteluxe (Melanie Davis, Emilie Sharp and Bianca Cheah) all met up at the famous muscle up area to not only workout N+TC style but to show the boys we were just as good as them, if not better when it came to working out. And thanks to our trainer Greg Sellar, we definitely showed them a thing or two. We moved, ducked, stepped, pushed and pulled through the many stations, all the while drawing admiring and slightly jealous looks from our male workout companions. It was a fantastic training session, even if we did get a little distracted by the inviting surf. A new location was definitely the motivation booster we needed. Bring on the N+TC Tour!

Till next week!

“Strong alone, unstoppable together!”