Can a workout make you orgasm?

yoga, can a workout make you orgasm, fitness advice
Image credits: Bianca Cheah

I had a super confident student approach me after class last week and pop this question, right there in the open, unashamedly. “Have you ever orgasmed in yoga?”

Caught off guard but totally impressed by her approach to the question, my response was prudish and abrupt. Although the truth was no, there have been times off the mat doing other forms of exercise where sensations are ‘heightened’ somewhat – especially core involving exercises. So it’s really no surprise that this is happening on the mat.

yoga, can a workout make you orgasm, fitness adviceWhen curiously questioning girlfriends, the response has been consistent and so looking into the matter more, I found a tonne of research, articles and blog posts that all commonly name this exercise induced phenomenon as a ‘coregasm’ or, in the case of yoga, a ‘yogasm’.

In yoga, because we’re working on very subtle energy levels, our senses are tuned up, especially working with what we call the ‘root lock’ in yoga which is a subtle lift of the pelvic floor. Although this has been researched to improve orgasm off the mat, as it turns out, it’s also effective on the mat.

Some women have reported forward bends to be a ‘trigger’ (for lack of a better word) in which the clitoris is stimulated. Couple this with practicing a form of movement that is centred around ‘listening’ to the body and any sensations, it’s no doubt that those a little more sensitive are going to experience ‘yogasms’.

As for off the mat – the cause is much the same. As Refinery 29 recently reported a ‘coreasm’ generally occurs when performing core exercises that target the deeper rooted muscles near the pelvic floor and it’s generally induced by repetitions.

Anyone need another reason to roll out the yoga mat or get tot he gym tonight?