Can yoga make you better in bed?

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Yesterday, in part one of our two-part yoga and sex special feature, we revealed some of the best yoga poses to improve your sex life. Now, we’re going to take a look at how some of the mental benefits of yoga can translate into the bedroom.

You’re more in touch with your feelings

Yoga aligns your body with mind and muscle. Often in poses such as downward dog or backbend you feel sensations run through your body that you wouldn’t otherwise. The same can happen during sex because as a result of studying a sustained yoga practice the mind and body learns to focus and become as one. This focus transcends the physical allowing you to become more receptive to internal sensations.

You’re less stressed and anxious

Another way Asana can rock your bedroom is by calming down stress receptors – these guys are responsible for your loss of libido when you’ve had a killer day at the office or you didn’t make it to the gym in time, for umm, yoga. “A regular yoga practice of mindful movement, breathing, physical postures and meditation has been shown to calm the nervous system and decrease stress levels,” says Claire Nettley, Vice President of Yoga Australia.

“As a result, we become more in tune with our physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies as well as our environment and others.”

Want to get even sexier with your yoga? Get tantric!

Tantra Yoga has long been heralded as the go to for sexual enthusiasts. It has a deep philosophical framework based on how we deal with our energies (not just the sexual ones). If you’re specifically looking for a teacher to help you get in touch with your divine feminine energy, Claire recommends finding a suitably qualified Yoga Australia registered teacher. This will ensure they have the appropriate levels of training and adhere to a strict code of professional ethics and practice.

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