Can’t swallow vitamin tablets? Here’s an easy solution.

If you have trouble swallowing vitamin tablets, we may have found the long-awaited answer to your woes. Read on to find out more.

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If swallowing vitamins results in unpleasant gagging and a funky taste in the mouth, you are definitely not alone. In fact, a large percentage of adults have difficulty swallowing tablets. If you fall into this category, VÖOST’s comprehensive range of preservative-free effervescent vitamin and minerals could be the long-awaited answer to your woes.

Say hello to VÖOST!

Developed by their in-house naturopath and made in Germany, VÖOST effervescent tablets contain nutritionally relevant ingredients to supplement an on-the-go lifestyle. In conjunction with a healthy, well-balanced diet they can help maintain wellbeing and vitality. And in today’s day and age, our busy lifestyles may need that extra boost.

“Adequate vitamin intake is part of a balanced diet but for some, preparing and consuming enough of the right fruit and vegetables each day can sometimes be a big ask. This is where VÖOST is able to help fill those nutritional gaps to help keep active bodies healthy and feeling good,” explains Thomas Siebel, Managing Director.

But what makes VÖOST stand out from the crowd? Their specifically tailored, high potency formulations; Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium + D, Magnesium, Multivitamin and Isotonic. By focusing on specific vitamins VÖOST makes it easier to target your individual health concerns or nutritional needs. For example, VÖOST’s Vitamin C supports immune function, helps absorption of iron, and protects against free radials. Meanwhile, the Isotonic tablets are rich in electrolytes to aid in rapid hydration, as well as helping to maintain muscle tissue and function. In short, they’re ideal taken post-sweat session.

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Not to mention, the entire range is easy to take, tastes great, and because they’re already dissolved in water they are easily and rapidly absorbed. Simply stir into water and enjoy the fizzy, fruity flavours.

Getting your daily voost, sorry boost, just got much easier, and tastier.

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