Saturday, October 21, 2017

Strobing could change your beauty world

You may have seen the word “strobing” trending all over social media, but we wouldn't blame you for not knowing what this hot ticket in the beauty world is and how it will change your world. Here's the lowdown on this makeup trick, including how you can achieve the look yourself and whether it really is worth the hype

Beauty products we can’t live without post-workout

You've finished your workout, endorphins are flowing and you're feeling great... until you see that hot mess staring back at you in the mirror. Sound familiar? Take a peak inside Team Sporteluxe's gym beauty bag and see what products help us to look and feel fresh post-workout
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5 tinted moisturisers for perfect no makeup-look skin

Tossing up between foundation and tinted moisturiser? Trust us, if you're after a natural, all-over glow that will have people asking if you just got back from holidays, then a tinted moisturiser is the way to go. These top picks will help even skin tone and minimise redness without the caking sensation that is often associated with heavy foundations, giving you the ultimate no-makeup makeup look
Winter mascaras

Winterise your eyes: 10 weatherproof mascaras to try

It's hard enough to get your mascara to stay put at the best of times when you're exercising, but when extreme weather hits (especially the cold, wet and icy winds of winter) you'll need one of these great weatherproof mascaras to keep your lashes constantly coated, protected, silky and fabulous
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8 affordable foundations with added skin benefits

Is there such a thing as the perfect foundation? Truth is, most of us want it all when looking for the perfect product; coverage without being cakey, just the right amount of sheen without looking glossy, something that cancels out redness and dryness but looks natural too. Great news is, these eight foundations are affordable and also afford your skin the TLC it deserves this chilly season
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Eyebrows to be envied and how to get them

As the old saying goes, if your eyes are the windows to your soul, your eyebrows are the frames that get the window's noticed. That said, it's easy to both under-love and over-love these important natural beauty assets. Here are some tips, tricks and products to help every woman make theirs look perfect
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Natural makeup: How to master this look

This is the most versatile makeup look you could ever master. Here's how to recreate my ultimate 'no makeup makeup' look - as perfect for gym as it is work and daytime dates. Unless you get a couple of inches away from my face, you wouldn't even know I was wearing any!
Bianca Cheah

4 gym proof makeups you’ll want in your beauty bag

We've all heard that clean skin is the ideal when you're working out, but if you're anything like us, you still want a little barely-there coverage. Look your (faux) natural best with these gym-proof makeup ideas

How to nail the ‘natural/minimal’ make-up look

Want the world to think you wake up with perfect, blemish-free skin? Here's how to fake perfect that 'I'm not wearing make-up' made-up look
Top 5 beauty trends

5 best winter beauty trends for busy girls

These luxe new runway beauty looks are easier than you might think to master. All you need are a handful of key products that will still fit the smallest gym-bag make-up kit