Thursday, February 22, 2018

This Is The Most Effective Cellulite Treatment I’ve Ever Tried

With so many creams, pills and gadgets claiming to eradicate one of women's peskiest beauty problems, it's easy to fall down a cellulite-treatment rabbit hole. But truth be told, as cosmetic surgeon Dr Anna Marie Olsen...

What Beauty Editors Have To Say After ‘The Skincare Con’ Went Viral

Recently, The Outline published a post entitled ‘The Skincare Con’ by Krithika Varagur which argues that the majority of modern skincare is simply a waste of money and that we, as humans, have all...
beauty cleanse

Would You Stop Cleansing Your Face For Clearer Skin?

We layer our toners, our mists and serums, all locked in with a heavy-duty moisturiser for night — but does our modern “more is more” approach actually assist our skin in repairing and clearing...

These Are The 7 Beauty Trends To Watch In 2018, According To Mecca

For beauty obsessives, Mecca Maxima is about as close you can get to heaven. It's bright, artfully-arranged aisles are filled with everything a makeup lover could ever want — as well as products we...
facial yoga anti ageing

Facial Yoga Has Been Proven To Slow Down The Ageing Process

You've already tried face shaving, adding more mushrooms to your diet and drinking more superfood smoothies as a way to fight ageing, but there's another new trend on the horizon that's getting serious attention from workout...

4 Natural Sunburn Remedies You’ll Have At Home

Summer babes, we feel you. You slip, slop AND slap. You have the best intentions, because ain’t nobody got time for premature wrinkles. You apply sunscreen every few hours, wear a sassy wide-brimmed hat...
glass skin

How To Get The ‘Glass Skin’ Look As Per All The K-Beauty Bloggers

The K-beauty trend you need to know about.

Clinique Just Released A Sweat-Proof Makeup Range You Can Wear At The Gym

Whether it's because you've had to rush from work or just because you prefer to look glam, chances are you've worn makeup at the gym at some point. At best, it stays in place...
korean beauty

All You Need To Know About Korean Beauty Trends

From double cleansing to sheet masks.