Monday, January 22, 2018

Goop Just Launched Its First Flagship Store And Print Magazine

If you told someone in 2007 that one day, Donald Trump would be president of the US, Kim Kardashian (from that video) would be the world's biggest celeb and Gwyneth Paltrow would run a...
immersive fitness

Find Exercise Boring? You Need To Try The Immersive Fitness Trend

A few years ago, most people viewed going to the gym as a necessary inconvenience. You'd get in, do your workout and leave as quickly as humanly possible. Oh, how times have changed. With...

Studio Review: Retrofit Society in West Hollywood is a HIIT Workout That’ll Torch Calories

Of course, I am running late. In LA, it's pretty excusable when people roll into dinner, a meeting, or a yoga class a few minutes past their ETA. With unpredictable traffic and a general sense...
The 10 best workouts on Classpass in Los Angeles

These Are The 10 Best Workouts in Los Angeles, According to ClassPass Users

We're never not looking for the next greatest workout to hit LA. We've tried almost everything—acro yoga, trampoline classes, infrared heated yoga—and of course, we have our favorites. But one of our favorite websites to...

4 Lagree Method Moves to Tone and Shrink Outer Thighs

The Supraformer only *looks* intimidating ...
Paramount Coffee Project LA

Visiting LA? Here’s Where To Get A Decent Cup Of Coffee

The city of angels is home to a growing number of Aussie cafes.
Korakia and Free People Wellness retreat Palm Springs

Win A Spot On Free People Escapes’ Californian Wellness Retreat

We don’t need to hook you in by preying on your failed New Year’s resolutions or your busy work schedule for this one. Whether you’re in need of a recharge (or not), we’d all...

I Tried LA’s Best Celebrity Workouts. Here’s What Went Down.

I tried all of LA's A-list approved workouts. Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly.