Saturday, October 21, 2017
wanderlust 108 brooklyn

Brooklyn Is Turning Into a Health and Fitness Wonderland Tomorrow

Tell me this doesn't sound like the best Sunday, ever.
immersive fitness

Find Exercise Boring? You Need To Try The Immersive Fitness Trend

A few years ago, most people viewed going to the gym as a necessary inconvenience. You'd get in, do your workout and leave as quickly as humanly possible. Oh, how times have changed. With...
natural salons

Here’s Where To Find A Sustainable, Natural Hair Salon In Your State

Recently, we wrote about a scary new study that revealed using hair dye may increase your breast cancer risk. Chances are, it left you wondering whether that meant you'd have to stop colouring your...
Peanut Butter Dessert Bar

PSA: A Peanut Butter Dessert Bar Is Coming To Australia!

You'd be hard pressed to find a food that has more of a cult following than peanut butter. There's just something about the addictive spread that inspires the kind of loyal devotion normally reserved...

The Healthiest Snacks to Scoop Up at the Airport, According to a Celebrity Nutritionist

Summer's almost over, but it seems like everyone is desperately trying to fit in their last bikini-friendly vacation of the season in the next few weeks. And then, in just a few short months,...
Sky Ting Yoga Tribeca New York

Sky Ting Yoga Have Opened A Gorgeous Second Location & We’re Obsessed!

What do you look for in a yoga studio? Is it experienced teachers who are passionate without being preachy? A supportive community? Beautiful, minimalist interiors that make you feel more relaxed the second you...

Studio Review: Retrofit Society in West Hollywood is a HIIT Workout That’ll Torch Calories

Of course, I am running late. In LA, it's pretty excusable when people roll into dinner, a meeting, or a yoga class a few minutes past their ETA. With unpredictable traffic and a general sense...
The 10 best workouts on Classpass in Los Angeles

These Are The 10 Best Workouts in Los Angeles, According to ClassPass Users

We're never not looking for the next greatest workout to hit LA. We've tried almost everything—acro yoga, trampoline classes, infrared heated yoga—and of course, we have our favorites. But one of our favorite websites to...

I Booked a Surf Trip Like Lena Dunham And It Was Life-Changing

It started out with a Google search: All-girls surf trip. I'd been thinking about learning how to surf for years, honestly. Growing up in southern California, I'd spent almost every summer at the beach. But...