Monday, October 23, 2017
Commando whole body workout, Commando Steve, The Biggest Loser, workout guide

Try Commando Steve’s full body workout!

This full body workout from Commando Steve’s new GetCommandoFit program will make you sweat!

3 post #SpartanRace recovery exercises!

Competed in the Spartan Race yesterday? These post training recovery exercises are sure to come in handy today.
Nike, Nike Women, Nike NTC tour, NTC tour Sydneyvideo

This video will inspire you to enter N+TC Tour Sydney!

We’re all seriously pumped for Australia’s first-ever N+TC Tour. And once you’ve watched this video you will be too!
Swimming, health benefits of swimming, best exercises for recovery

3 awesome activities for post training recovery!

The key to good fitness and health is taking a balanced approach says Greg Stark, who shares his fave post training recovery exercises.
Move Yoga

Is this the most stylish yoga studio in Melbourne?

We’re always on the lookout for stylish and serene yoga studios to get our om on. And MOVE Yoga in Melbourne’s CBD certainly fits the bill!
Brianna Copevideo

Why Under Armour surfer Brianna Cope is our new girl crush!

We caught up with Under Armour surfer Brianna Cope, who’s currently in Sydney for The Hurley Australian Open of Surfing, to talk fitness, food and fashion.
Nike, Nike Women, Nike NTC tour, Nike events, fitness events

4 reasons why we can’t wait for N+TC Tour in Sydney!

We’re already pumped for the first ever N+TC Tour taking place in Sydney in May. Here’s why you should be getting excited too!
Fitness, running, fitness goals, refocus your fitness goals, greg stark

3 ways to refocus your fitness resolutions!

Already gotten off track with your New Year resolutions for your fitness? Greg Stark reveals how to really achieve your fitness goals.
Sally Fitzgibbons, travel essentials, australian open of surfing, female surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons travel essentials, surfing, surfing essentials

Sally Fitzgibbons fit travel essentials!

We asked surfing sensation Sally Fitzgibbons to open her suitcase and share her must-pack items to keep her fit while travelling.
Commando Steve

Commando Steve shares his fitness secrets!

We caught up with Commando Steve to talk fitness, nutrition and his CommandoFit program.