Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Studio Review: Retrofit Society in West Hollywood is a HIIT Workout That’ll Torch Calories

Of course, I am running late. In LA, it's pretty excusable when people roll into dinner, a meeting, or a yoga class a few minutes past their ETA. With unpredictable traffic and a general sense...
Kourtney McCullough from Pilates Platinum

Here’s 5 Moves From Pilates Platinum That’ll Lift Your Butt That AREN’T Lunges

There are so many fitness studios in LA that it can be dizzying to make sense of them all. So when you find a spot that you love, stick with it. For the Sporteluxe crew,...
The 10 best workouts on Classpass in Los Angeles

These Are The 10 Best Workouts in Los Angeles, According to ClassPass Users

We're never not looking for the next greatest workout to hit LA. We've tried almost everything—acro yoga, trampoline classes, infrared heated yoga—and of course, we have our favorites. But one of our favorite websites to...

7 Of The Best New Health And Wellness Openings In Sydney

New places to sweat, stretch, shop and sip green juices in Sydney, Australia.
EMS training

Can EMS Training Really Get You Fit In 20 Minutes A Week?

Get the lowdown on the latest fitness trend.

4 Lagree Method Moves to Tone and Shrink Outer Thighs

The Supraformer only *looks* intimidating ...
The Barre Project Sydney

This New Cult Studio Is Set To Be The F45 Of Barre

Sign up now, while you still can.
personal trainer

Here’s How To Find The Right Personal Trainer To Get Results Faster

They'll help you smash your training goals.