Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Alo Yoga Retreat Palm Springs

I Got Invited to Alo Yoga’s Retreat in Palm Springs And It Rocked!

It was like I'd walked into the Cirque Du Soleil. The backstory: You've probably heard of the 'it' brand of the moment, Alo Yoga. It's adorned by all and fastly becoming the most worn yoga...

Y7’s New Williamsburg Studio Is the Hip-Hop Yoga Haven We’ve Been Waiting For

By this point, you're probably very well aware of Y7 Yoga, the studio that lets you flow by candlelight to the beats of Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Chance the Rapper, and a rotating list...
live yoga session

You Can Now Stream Live Yoga Classes From Your Living Room

Most of us know we should be doing more yoga. From its amazing effects on your brain to improving your flexibility and mobility, the benefits are endless. But sometimes, you're just too tired/stressed/busy to...
Caley Alyssa Headstand

9 Steps To Master A Handstand With Yogi Caley Alyssa

Mastering an inversion is like qualifying for a black belt of yoga. But getting to the point where you're comfortable with your feet off the ground high above your head can be challenging, to say...
Miki Ash Yoga Instructor

Meet Alo Yoga Instructor & Good Vibes Expert Miki Ash

Few people can make you smile purely from a photograph but take a scroll through Miki Ash's feel-good Instagram account and you'll find yourself grinning from ear to ear. Every image exudes happiness and...
Sky Ting Yoga Tribeca New York

Sky Ting Yoga Have Opened A Gorgeous Second Location & We’re Obsessed!

What do you look for in a yoga studio? Is it experienced teachers who are passionate without being preachy? A supportive community? Beautiful, minimalist interiors that make you feel more relaxed the second you...
Brain on yoga

These are the benefits to your brain on yoga

It's easy to see the physical benefits of yoga after one session: Rosy cheeks, glowy skin, a sense of full-body calm. And yogis know that a regular practice can build lean muscle while increasing...
Sjana Elise Earp, Kelsey Wells, Kayla Itsines, Sweat App

Exclusive: Sjana Elise Shares A Strength Sequence From Her New Yoga Program

We might've mentioned SWEAT a few times before. Ok, ok, we can’t stop talking about it. It’s the incredible new fitness app that’s like a personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness tracker in one—and we’ve...
Alo Yoga Mat, Alo Warrior Mat

Buying A Yoga Mat? Make Sure It Has These 5 Things

A bad mat can seriously spoil your zen.