Sunday, January 21, 2018
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You can now get pet health advice online from a ‘naturopath dog’

Blackmores has launched an online canine health advisory service that's perfect for those times that you just can't get to the vet. Meet Paul B more, the online dog naturopath that will always ben online to assist with any pet health related questions.
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Which dog breed best suits your fit lifestyle?

When it comes to dog breeds, much like humans, not all are born equal in their sporting prowess. While you can boost their fitness, what they're capable of is largely genetic, so it's important to pick a breed that matches what you're looking for in a four-legged workout buddy. Here's Dr Josie's Gollan's expert advice
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Keep puppy warm with this high tech coat

Do you have a dog that feels the cold? A puppy that loves to race around, regardless of the winter chill? If so, this super cute Ruffwear Quinzee Jacket (modelled by Sporte The Frenchie) is the perfect high tech coat for your favourite canine outdoor workout companion
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Dogs & rain: how do deal when it’s wet outside

If winter has arrived where you live, then that means cold nights, dark mornings and rainy days that make walking our dogs a little less inviting. It's important to really make an effort to brave the elements so your pooch gets exercise and stimulation, but some you really can't (or don't want to) leave the house. Here's what can you do to exercise your dog and keep them out of trouble when the weather is awful
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Wookie the (very rare) Blue Frenchie visits Sporteluxe HQ

They say that rare things happen 'once in a blue moon', but here in the Sporteluxe office it’s more like ‘once in a blue Frenchie’. Say hello to our newest little mascot Wookie, who just happens to be an extremely unusual (and totally exquisite) shade of French Bulldog
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Calling all dog owners! Here’s how to make winter more bearable for your canine...

Now that beautiful summer is firmly over it’s time to start thinking about the coming winter months and what they mean for our four-legged best friends. Even a small drop in the mercury can still have a negative impact on dogs. Here's how to make life a little easier for your pet when it's chillier 
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Grey is the new black in the pet fashion world

Sporte The Frenchie shares with you his take on what's hottest in the pet fashion stakes. Today, it's the grey street-style sports hoodie
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The perfect on-the-go hoodie to wear this weekend!

Sporte The Frenchie road tests the ultimate dog jacket to wear this weekend!
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Try this post Easter detox with your 4-legged friend!

Overindulge this Easter? Here's a simple yet effective workout that you can do with your dog!
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How to find the right dog minder for you!

Ever worried about what to do with your beloved canine companion when you go away on holiday? We've taken the guess work out of finding a dog minder and rounded up some services to give your dog the TLC they deserve.